Que Scary Horror Shorts

  • 69 mins

Thrillers that’ll make you sleep with the lights on. Chilean, Mexican, and US filmmakers welcome you into their scariest short stories.

In this program

Blood Stains

Directed by Blake Vaz

Is the old adage of the nightmare hitchhiker real? These US filmmakers give us a bloody reason not to pull over.

Wanderer, Wanderer: The Legend of the Huay Chivo

Directed by Luis Quijano

There’s something lurking in the forest that only comes out at night.

La Faraona

Directed by Jose Paredes

La Faraona Legend, or better known as the Headless Dancer comes to life in this short from Mexico.

The Cousins

Directed by Iris Arrocha

A couple of guys up to no good.


Directed by Juan Pablo Arias Mun_oz

Father, son hunting trip gets interesting when Miguel enters the forest in the night.

Dates & Times
Opera Plaza Cinema

Thu, Sep 26
4:30 pm