Love Bites Shorts

  • 62 mins

A deep dive into relationship lessons you won’t have to live through. Between the drama, pet peeves, good times and bad times, these short stories will make you happy to be alive and reaffirm your station in life.

In this program

Aurorita of My Eyes

Directed by Natalia Chinchilla

A trip through the Cundinamarca countryside in Colombia is a long time coming.


Directed by Jorge Lan

A blind street vendor takes a taxi driver on an oblique drive through the city.


Directed by Esteban Garcia

When you’re working the streets in a bad part of Cartagena, pregnancy is exponentially more complicated.

A Night with Juan Diego Botto

Directed by C├ęsar F. Calvilloj, Teresa Bello_n

Can you imagine going on your fantasy celebrity date?

A Nice Guy

Directed by Hamad Al-Tourah, Shae D'lyn

After Dana reveals the shocking reason she isn’t interested in dating, Kenneth struggles to reevaluate his conception of manhood and relationships.

Dates & Times
Opera Plaza Cinema

Tue, Sep 24
4:30 pm