Fantasy Chronicles Shorts

  • 97 mins

Escapism from emerging creatives in Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Brazil. You are in for some wild adventures through the minds of experimental animators and narrative storytellers.

In this program

El Astronauta

Directed by Manuel Trotta

Don Alfredo, in a seniled mental state doesn’t want to go to the “home” his son wants to place him in. He wants to live out his days on the moon.

Frog Boy

Directed by Laura Zenobi, Lucas Altmann

Paula unexpectedly meets a boy that changes the course of her life.

Graciela, Mano de Gracia

Directed by Andres Piñeros

Is this divine intervention of sheer coincidence? A robbery has an unexpected ending.

Simone – Stories in Train Transfer Station

Directed by Renato Candido de Lima

Simone is left waiting for her date giving her time to ‘meet’ many types of men in her imagination.

What Do Dragons See in Girls Like Me

Directed by Gerard Mates

Elena is an Instagram celebrity princess who has been kidnapped by a dragon. Jorge is a knight in armor who rescues our princess in exchange for money. As in the old children’s tales, will they live happy forever?

Magic Dream

Directed by Tomás Welss

A painted stop-motion animation from Chile that tells the story of a magician on stage.

Dates & Times
Opera Plaza Cinema

Sat, Sep 28
2:15 pm