Environmental Change Makers Shorts Program

From communities facing climate change and doing something about it. Thought provoking stories about the environment told in both narrative and documentary formats. Culture, social justice, development, and more. Filmmakers invited.


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In this program

Black River

Directed by Luciano Nacci y Franco Tarantino

One of the most valuable rivers in the south of Argentina is increasingly contaminated by fracking and the locals are trying to stop it.

Literacy for Environmental Justice: Cultivating Youth Leaders in Southeast San Francisco

Directed by Kristin Tieche

Southeast San Francisco’s environmental justice movement focuses on our backyard.

The People of the Cloud Forest

Directed by Daniel Oliveras

An intimate look at the indigenous Chinantec People from the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. They provide us with lessons on how to live in harmony with our planet.

The Burnt Sea

Directed by Carlos Armella

Since 1940, abalone has been the primary fish caught off Isla Natividad, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The inhabitants of this community make efforts to adapt to the threat of climate change.

The Fisherman

Directed by Ignacio Garcia Fry

A police officer has finally decided to retire and become a fisherman like his father. His morals are tested as he is forced to cover up the negligence of an oil company by the police chief.

Solar Libre A Family Affair

Directed by Melanie La Rosa

A father devastated by Hurricane María manages to get solar panels, volunteers galore to rebuild, rooftop by rooftop.

Who Speaks for Nature?

Directed by Larry Engel

A look at three different Amazonian peoples’ battles with their government and big oil and mining companies.

Dates & Times
Alamo DraftHouse

Sat, Sep 21
4:00 pm

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