The Window

Directed by Andrés Rafael Castillo Garzón

Cast: Javier Andrés Peréz Gonzalez, Cecilia Torres Villaruel

Rafa is a Sinuano boy who wants to play soccer, go to school and eat cotton candy like everyone else. However, for fear of losing him, his mother, Mrs. Gertrudis, has kept him locked in the room they share. Rafa has only seen the outside world through the window, a portal where his dreams are mixed with reality. This is how he meets Liliana, a girl who will give him friendship and the impulse he needs to get out of confinement and break his bonds.

Plays in

Dramas of Childhood Shorts

Shorts from the UK, US, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia shed some light on what it’s like to be young in this day and age.

Dates & Times
Opera Plaza Cinema

Tue, Sep 24
7:30 pm