Little Histories

Historias Pequeñas

Directed by Rafael Marziano

Cast: Carlos Cruz, Assiak Oviedo, Jorge De Sousa, Hecham Alhadwah, Bárbara Di Flaviano, Jean Franco di Marchi, Indira Saturno, Sheila Monterola, Yesenia Camacho, Gonzalo Velutini, Marialejandra Martín

Five domestic stories, five characters, and their families. Small stories that magnify their small ambitions, pettiness, hope, and discouragement, which for each of them are moving, definitive and tragic. Innumerated all of them – rather forgotten with the greatest indifference – in a city overwhelmed by a bofonesque coup d’etat in Caracas, Venezuela, in April 2002.

Dates & Times
Roxie Theater

Sat, Sep 21
5:00 pm